Dr. Scott Kepner DVM

Dr. Kepner attended veterinary school at Oregon State University and Washington State University from 1993-1997.  Following completion of his education and training, Dr. Kepner practiced in Sedona, Arizona, Clackamas, Oregon, then relocated to Southwest Washington in 2003, to start Riverview Animal Hospital. Dr. Kepner has a passion and drive to educate clients on current diagnostic and treatment plans, helping them make informed and smart decisions for their four legged family member.  It is not uncommon for Dr. Kepner to spend 45-60 minutes of individualized attention to the patient and client.  Dr. Kepner has special interest in dermatology, internal medicine, oral surgery/dentistry and soft tissue surgery.  He has a good working relationship with veterinary specialist throughout the United States and utilizes their skills and talents when warranted. In his spare time, Dr. Kepner enjoys spending time with his wife Danielle and three children.  He finds balance in life through salt water aquariums, cooking and fly fishing.

What is your veterinary superpower? “I love performing ultrasound and orthopedic procedures. I also see a lot of French Bulldogs.”

Absolute favorite food? “Indian food, no questions asked.”

Dream vacation? “Anywhere I can go snorkeling or scuba diving. Perhaps Turks and Caicos.”


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