Kelsi Eberle LVT

Kelsi joined the Riverview Animal Hospital team in June of 2020 and moved to Washington the same month. Kelsi graduated with an Associates Degree in Veterinary Technology from Stanbridge University in California. She is a licensed veterinary technician (LVT) in the state of Washington, Oregon, and California. Kelsi strives to provide patients with quality care each and every day. Kelsi grew up in Tustin, California and moved to Oregon with her husband in 2019. Kelsi has always loved animals and used to pet sit for neighbors and friends starting at a young age. Kelsi currently lives in Vancouver with her husband, Scott, their two snakes and their chatty Rock Pebbler Parakeet, Lil Pete. In her free time, Kelsi enjoys being outside and crafting.

What is your veterinary superpower? “The master of feline blood draws and dental x-rays!”

Absolute favorite food? “I’m a child and I love chicken fingers.”

Dream vacation? “Somewhere on a beach.”


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