Denise Case

I have been taking my pets (cat and dog) to Dr. Kepner for over three years, and they continue to receive spectacular care. My dog has some special needs (thanks, Scott, for getting her all straightened out!), so we’re in the office at least once per month, and I’ve seen the comings and goings of many pet families, besides my own. Big dogs, little dogs, big cats, little cats – they’re all treated the same: lovingly. Dr. Kepner’s staff is curteous and professional, and clearly they love animals. The staff takes its lead from Dr. Kepner who is extremely knowledgeable and, himself, loving to the animals. Besides that, he’s pragmatic when it comes to cost. I’ve never been subject to an “upsell,” which I have dealt with at other clinics. When I’m there, my pets and I are treated like family. My pets are so fortunate to receive Dr. Kepner’s care!


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