Riverview Animal Hospital is excited to offer state of the art surgical capabilities including the use of Laparoscopy, a minimally invasive surgical option that features…

  • Up to 65% less post-operative pain
  • Less surgical stress
  • Expedited recovery time
  • Lower risk of post-operative complications and infection

Laparoscopic surgery is a minimally invasive technique used to view inside the abdomen. A laparoscope (small camera) is inserted through a small incision site and used to magnify the internal view of the abdomen onto a TV monitor within the surgical suite. This allows the veterinarian to perform a more thorough abdominal exploration, while creating a much smaller incision site. Traditional exploratory surgery would normally require extensive incisions, but with a laparoscope most incisions are less than an inch in length. With a laparoscope, surgery can be performed by using a very thin, specially designed instruments through small incisions. This minimizes tissue trauma, decreases pain and decreases patient recovery time. Laparoscopic surgery is used for many different surgical procedures including Canine Ovariectomy and Canine Ovariohysterectomy, tissue biopsy, orgs removal and abdominal exploratory surgery. With the use of the laparoscope, our veterinarians are able to perform an ovariectomy, removing only the ovaries and creating two small incisions typically a half inch in size. Because of magnified views and greater precision the ovarian ligament is carefully cauterized and cut instead of torn as in a traditional spay. Our goal at Riverview Animal Hospital is to minimize your pet’s pain. With the assistance of laparoscopic surgery we hope to get your pets back to playing fetch and swimming as soon as possible. If your pet requires surgery, please ask our team if laparoscopy would be a good option for your furry friend.


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