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    I travel a fair distance to bring my two fur babies for their exams with Dr. Kepner. My experience has been nothing but positive and find this clinic to be one of the best in Clark County. I am a newer client and have always been greeted with a smile; the facility is spotlessly clean, and the staff members are knowledgeable, friendly, and very professional.

    Dr. Kepner has performed annual exams on both my adult cats; one of which is very timid and he bolts when someone enters a room. For the very first time at a veterinary clinic, he was at ease and snuggled up with Dr. Kepner during and after his exam. The doctor was very thorough in asking medical history, making recommendations for alternate food, and even had his assistant check on pricing for me. After the visit, he made sure I understood what side effects may occur with his shots and what to do if he had an allergic reaction.

    If only human medicine were as transparent as veterinary medicine!

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    Our dog recently became ill and we called the office. The Dr. was booked but was concerned about the symptoms so he fit her in right away. He did all testings and images to help her. Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to her that night. She was given the best services and even after her passing, she was given a warm blanket and compassionate care. They patiently waited until we were ready to say our final goodbye. I thought our bill would damage us but, it was so affordable considering the circumstances. I will forever support this business because of their kindness and compassion.

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    I have been taking my pets (cat and dog) to Dr. Kepner for over three years, and they continue to receive spectacular care.  My dog has some special needs (thanks, Scott, for getting her all straightened out!), so we’re in the office at least once per month, and I’ve seen the comings and goings of many pet families, besides my own. Big dogs, little dogs, big cats, little cats – they’re all treated the same: lovingly. Dr. Kepner’s staff is courteous and professional, and clearly they love animals.  The staff takes its lead from Dr. Kepner who is extremely knowledgeable and, himself, loving to the animals.  Besides that, he’s pragmatic when it comes to cost. I’ve never been subject to an “upsell,” which I have dealt with at other clinics. When I’m there, my pets and I are treated like family. My pets are so fortunate to receive Dr. Kepner’s care!

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    You know when you find something that you love so much and you almost want to just keep it your very own secret? That’s how I feel about Scott and his team at Riverview. I decided to finally write a review, not for the people, but for their pets.  Because I truly believe in the talents that are in the office.  

    When no other vet could figure out what was going on with my boys skin condition, Scott did.  When I had to make the hardest decision of my life to let my sweet girl go, it wasn’t after I had watched Scott and his team labor for two days to save her life.  And when the time came they helped my family say goodbye in the most gracious and respectful way they could.  I have NEVER, not once envied them and the job that they do.  But boy oh boy am I beyond grateful for them.  True talents from the smiling face of Mira at the front desk,  to Steven and Jacque who are extremely gentle, kind and knowledgeable helping assist Scott. And then there is Scott, the sharpest mind you might ever meet!

    There are good vets in the area, but Riverview is the BEST. 




    If anything! Stop by and say hi to Quinn.