Trudy F.

Having had pets for decades, I’ve had the privilege to meet many wonderful veterinarians who cared for my cats and dogs.  After moving to Vancouver several years ago I attempted to establish a “family doctor” for the furry kids, but just didn’t connect with any as I’d previously done in my former city.  I tried the “chain” clinic and small town clinic.  Both not good experiences.  A groomer in Washougal detected a minor ear infection in one of my dogs and referred me to Dr. Kepner.  Any doctor who will get down on the ground, assess the patient, and explain things in such a way I fully understood and trusted, has my attention.  He even explained how the dog’s ear canal differs from a humans and allowed me to peek using his otoscope.  Like the amazing vet I had in Scottsdale, Scott’s care was kind and conservative.  I never feel like I’m being given an a la carte menu of services (like when you take your car to the dealership for repairs).  He suggests, recommends, and helps to make the best decisions.

The cost of veterinary care around town is pretty consistent, however the quality of care is not.  Knowing I can reach my vet by cell phone, though I’ve never called, is a bonus.


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