Gary McLaughlin

Due to a serious injury to our dog’s tail, our previous vet suggested that amputation may be the only alternative, but because of her age and medical issues, anesthesia was not recommended so that left us with the sad choice of euthanizing our dear dog. We wanted a second opinion and went to Dr. Kepner at Riverview Animal Hospital. Not only has Dr. Kepner saved our dog’s tail, he has saved her life!!! We can’t say enough about Dr. Kepner and all the staff at Riverview, they are very compassionate, knowledgeable and willing to work with you personally. During Covid we were very thankful that Dr. Kepner actually came outside to speak with us face to face and brought us into the clinic to show us how to care for our dog’s tail so we could do it at home, thereby saving our dog the stress of going to the vet :))) Our dog’s tail has now healed, we can’t say enough about everyone at Riverview Animal Hospital!!!


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